Adrian De WaalAdrian De Waal  BVSc (Dist)
Mixed Animal Veterinarian

I am a recently graduated vet from South Africa. As a student, I mostly enjoyed working with companion animals and in the two years since graduating I have discovered a passion for mixed animal practice. I started trout fishing from a very early age but studied and worked far away from any trout fishing areas, so I am very excited being able to take up this hobby again. I also enjoy jogging and being outdoors, which I hope will be more enjoyable in Pahiatua than in the 30-degree heat of Mafikeng. 




Alex BowesAlex Bowes BVSc
Production Animal Veterinarian

Alex hails from England and has vetted in many countries.  Alex's passion for dairy farming took her to Vietnam with Totally Vets which was an experience and adventure.  Enjoying being part of the TVG team, Alex joined us at Pahiatua in 2016 and has been a hit with farmers and our staff as she shares her focus on infectious disease prevention.  It creates a very interesting conversation. Alex is currently away on maternity leave.




Catherine RobinsonCatherine Robinson BVSc
Mixed Animal Veterinarian





Cayleigh CarterCayleigh Carter BVSc
Mixed Animal Veterinarian

I graduated from Massey in 2015 and began working in Wanganui for two years. I then moved to Pahiatua in 2017 where I began work as a mixed animal veterinarian. I enjoy meeting new people and their pets and getting out and about on farm and I love the variety that being a mixed animal vet offers.




Kate HarrisonKate Harrison BVSc
Mixed Animal Veterinarian





Karen WoodleyKaren Woodley BVSc
Mixed Animal Veterinarian

Karen's knowledge is very broad - dairy, deer, equine and small animal. She has an interest in birds so is also excellent for our wildlife calls. Karen is also a supervisory vet for deer velveting and deer TB Testing.




Klara HussieKlara Hussie BVSc
Mixed Animal Veterinarian

Living in Townsville, Australia, the focus of my degree was tropical veterinary practice. However, during my degree I developed a special interest in dairy medicine. There aren’t a lot of dairy medicine jobs going in the dry tropics of Australia, so I’ve come to Pahiatua to learn all about how the Kiwis do dairy. I look forward to meeting you and the Pahiatua community (and trying not to freeze).




Moira Fergus

Moira Fergus BVSc
Companion Animal Veterinarian

I have worked in Pahiatua since graduating from Massey, just over 20 years ago. I have a special interest in surgery and an extra soft spot for working dogs.




Rachael FouhyRachael Fouhy, BVSc (Dist)
Director, Mixed Animal Veterinarian

Rachael has a broad knowledge of all aspects of veterinary work but her specific interest lies in sheep and beef, being a sheep and beefie herself. Rachael knows what is going on when and where. Using Animal Health Planners, she can ensure your farm is ticking all the boxes to minimise illness and maximise production.




Siandrae De WaalSiandrae De Waal BVSc
Mixed Animal Veterinarian

I graduated in 2017 and have been working with my husband Adrian in Mafikeng, a rural area of South Africa, as a community service mixed practice vet. I love my work and along with Adrian will be based in Pahiatua. I enjoy being outdoors and am looking forward to exploring New Zealand. I love to bake, read and do crafts. I grew up with a love for animals and I am passionate about working with all types; I can watch a dairy cow for hours and have a soft spot for sheep and goats.




Harriett Fane De SalesHarriet Fane De Salis Dipl VN
Veterinary Nurse

I started at Tararua Veterinary Services in 2018 as a small animal veterinary nurse. I enjoy that every day brings a new challenge. Over the summer period you may see me on farm assisting with pregnancy testing.




Harriett Fane De SalesKendyl Paget Dipl VN
Veterinary Nurse

I started at TVS as a small animal veterinary nurse in 2020. I enjoy the variety my role offers me and have a particular passion for medical nursing.




Lesley AllenLesley Allen Cert VN
Head Veterinary Nurse

I started with Pauli and Woodley Vet Clinic here in Pahiatua in 2000, then made the move to our new purpose built clinic along with Bush Vets in 2003. My main focus is small animals where surgery is my passion. Along with many other duties, I do the faecal egg counts. I love my job as every day is different!


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