For the caring cat owner, Tararua Vets has included topical features on cat care and maintenance.



Vaccinating, feeding, de-sexing, worming etc are all things that need to be done in the early months to ensure your kitten grows into a healthy, happy cat.  


Older Cats

These are the years when we need to keep an eye on things.  Regular health checks ensure you know that your cat is happy and healthy. 



A brief summary

9 weeks Health Check & Felocell 3
12 weeks Health Check & Felocell 3
1 year Health Check & Felocell 3
2 years Health Check
3 years Health Check
4 years Health Check & Felocell 3


  • Kittens should not be allowed out of the house until the completion of the kitten vaccination course at 12 weeks old.
  • We do not recommend vaccination against Feline Chlamydiosis or Feline Leukaemia Virus (FeLV).
  • Both vaccines are associated with a significant risk of adverse reaction, which outweighs the potential benefit of vaccination.


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