Tararua Veterinary Services offers our clients a full range of services to help you maximise your farm production and profitability.


Animal Health Planning

Planning your animal health events in advance alongside your vet ensures that all areas of herd health are adequately covered and any questions you have are answered by a true animal health professional. We offer individualised farm plans to help your farm business run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. These programmes can send you email reminders so that nothing is forgotten.


General Medicine and Surgery

Tararua Vets focuses both your and our energies on reducing the need for emergency veterinary services to treat sick and injured or distressed animals. Unfortunately, as the old adage says "where there are live ones there are dead ones", emergency services will always be one of Tararua Vets' areas of service. Caring for animals is a significant aspect of the picture New Zealand primary industries wish to convey to our international markets.


Nutritional Management

Both Steve Harvey and Mary Lund are qualified Intelact nutritional consultants. They and the rest of the veterinary team offer a wide range of services in the areas of; feed budgeting, feed evaluation, trace element and mineral monitoring, feed supplement options and transition feeding.


Replacement stock

The success of your farming business in the future depends on the quality of the stock you rear now. All aspects of rearing replacement stock from birth through to the adult cow influence the performance of your farm in the future. We can help you tackle issues such as; calf rearing and weaning, parasite control, trace element supplementation, nutrition, and setting and achieving growth targets.


Animal treatment and emergencies

In addition to these services, we respond to any sick or injured animals that require veterinary attention.


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