Tararua Vets has the capacity to care for many different species of animals.  Within our team of experienced veterinarians, you will find those that are dedicated to our furry friends, ensuring you get the best vet for the job. 

This area of the website is dedicated to pet owners.  It contains information that has been written or selected by our companion animal vets to help you care for your pets.

We will continually update existing and add new articles to build a free resource of information.


Latest Pet Articles

  • Animal Welfare obligations are changing


    The Animal Welfare Act has recently been updated to include regulations on shelter, muzzles, collars, tail docking, removal of dew claws, dogs in

  • TCI Vets


    So, you would like to breed your dog? You might see my face in Totally Vets building from time to time where I run my canine reproduction

  • Dog Knee brace


    This knee brace helps dogs with limping and joint pain for an improved quality of life. The knee brace reduces pain and swelling by

  • Help your dog ditch the itch!


    With warmer weather approaching, dogs and cats that suffer from flea allergies and seasonal allergies are likely to start flaring up again. In many

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