At Tararua Vets, we like to do everything possible to keep your horse happy and healthy.


First line veterinary care and emergencies

Tararua vets are there for you and your horse when you need help and advice.  If you think you need a vet, give us a call!

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Gelding
  • Screening for metabolic and hormonal disease
  • Trace element deficiencies
  • Dentistry
  • Wound management
  • Vaccinations
  • First line colic & lameness treatment and advice
  • Any emergencies


Healthy teeth are essential for your horse’s health, performance and happiness. Unlike us, horses teeth are almost continually erupting. This is an evolutionary adaptation to cope with a course diet. However, the rate at which they wear does not always match the rate at which they erupt and when teeth do not wear evenly and uniformly it can cause all sorts of problems. We recommend regular dental checks every 12-18months to ensure abnormalities are identified and corrected early.

We use a Power Float and sedation, ensuring efficient, safe and stress-free treatment, benefiting both us and the horse. Sedation allows us visualisation and access to the whole mouth and keeps the horse relaxed and comfortable while we carry out treatment.



It’s possible to have your horse vaccinated for several different diseases, we are happy to advise on what is appropriate. Below you will find a brief description of the two most common vaccines we use.  Vaccinations are not limited to these diseases.



Tetanus is caused by a bacteria (Clostridium) giving off toxins in the bloodstream. It can cause severe disease in horses. Vaccination can start from 3 months of age.  We recommend to booster pregnant mares which will give foals extra antibodies through the milk.



This is a highly infectious disease, which causes abscesses in the lymph nodes. It can cause fever, severe swelling of the lymph nodes that can be followed by other symptoms. To vaccinate a horse, either a single Strangles vaccine can be used, or in conjunction with tetanus.


Ask us for advice on starting up a vaccination programme to suit your needs.

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