Have you updated your details?

If you move house, don’t forget to update your microchip information.

If your pet is microchipped and has been registered with the NZ Companion Animal Register (NB this is different from council registration) don’t forget to go online and update your details should your address or phone number change.

We recently had someone bring in a stray cat, wanting to know if she was microchipped so they could find her previous owner. Indeed she was, however both the phone number and the email address on the register were out of date. Fear not, stray cat is staying on with the family who found her, until (if) her owners can be found.

Remember that the microchip contains only a number – like a barcode – not your details, so for you to be reunited with a lost pet, these details need to be correct.

If you’re not sure if you signed up for the NZ Companion Animal Register when you had your pet microchipped, contact our friendly reception team.


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