Facial Eczema Risk Bulletin

for week ended 22 March 2020

  Manawatu South Manawatu North Tararua Taumarunui
 No. of sites monitored:   10 7 7 6
Average Spore Count 10,000 10,000 100,000 15,000
 Highest Spore Count:   50,000 25,000 360,000 30,000
 Lowest Spore Count:  0 0 5,000
Facial Eczema Risk Rating: MEDIUM/HIGH

With everyone thinking about COVID-19 the focus has gone off what's happening on-farm for a lot of people. At this time we are maintaining our services and continuing to shake grass. Some of our sentinel farms may not bring in grass due to their own situation and not wanting to put themselves at unnecessary risk by travelling in to town. This will reduce the numbers of farms tested and consequently will affect our averages. Ballance and Dannevirke continue to be our hot-spots with a jump to 345,000 and 360,000sp/gm respectively.

Check the table below for all site results and to open the full report as a pdf scroll down and click on the link. 

Manawatu Tararua Sentinel farms

Taumarunui 2020

2020 FE Risk Bulletin graph #10.jpg

2020 Sentinel farm results.jpg

Click here for advice on facial eczema prevention.

Click on the link to download this bulletin as a PDF: pdf 2020 FE Risk Bulletin #10.pdf (0.35MB)

Spore counts can vary greatly between properties and even between paddocks.  We encourage farmers to bring in grass samples to get a more accurate idea of the facial eczema risk on their own property.  Contact us if you would like more information on bringing in your own samples for testing.  

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