Meet Milo

There was talk around work that Milo needed rehoming because he couldn’t handle sharing his family with other cats and would pee inside.

I thought nothing of it, until one day, he hitched a ride to town in his mum’s car so had to hang out at work. This guy was so laid back! He just sat on a chair in reception and watched everyone working between naps!

Milo 1My partner had just had an accident and was going to be laid up for some weeks, so I thought I’d surprise him with a Milo cat! These guys hit it off straight away, watching movies, spooning together, sharing milkshakes.

Milo finished babysitting and was finally allowed outside to roam free, but he never went far. He had a chequered past. Hit by a car, spent a week at Massey after a dog attack, maybe he had learnt.

We lived on several busy streets in town, but soon moved to the country. Because Milo never did much more than sleep and eat, I only kept him inside for several days. He must have liked the country though and went exploring.  A few weeks after we had settled in, I got an upset phone call saying Milo couldn’t stand and didn’t look very well. He was brought into the clinic. After being checked, pain relief given and he was put on IV fluids, there was no fracture of his fore limb found but a brachial plexus injury. The nerves that control movement, feeling and general function, had been pulled or torn. Often these injuries are not recovered from and usually result in the leg being amputated.

It has been 3 years since Milo’s accident. He still has his leg, however it has healed in a weird position. He still manages to do normal cat things, help himself to food on kitchen bench, climb into the tractor, even catch the odd mouse.

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