Vaccination alert for rabbits

In March and April of this year, a new strain of the Calicivirus was released throughout New Zealand. The current Cylap vaccine was shown in Australia to provide protection against this strain.

Then in May another new strain of Calici Virus was found in Marlborough, and in June in the Bay of Plenty. This strain is different from the one deliberately released and is NOT covered by the current Cylap vaccine.

MPI has recently been able to import a new vaccine, Filavac, from France, to provide protection against all 3 strains of the virus.

It is now recommended that all rabbits be vaccinated with this new vaccine. If your rabbit has been vaccinated with the Cylap vaccine then they will need to be revaccinated with the new Filavac vaccine.

Protect your rabbit from the spread of the virus by controlling flies, which are the main vectors in spreading it, remove uneaten food that attracts flies, regularly clean all materials associated with your rabbit, avoid contact with wild rabbits and don’t feed grass which wild rabbits have access to.


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