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So, you would like to breed your dog?

TCI VetsYou might see my face in Totally Vets building from time to time where I run my canine reproduction (breeding) business called TCI Vets.  I practiced as a companion animal veterinarian for 5 years at a local mixed animal clinic but after having a few additions to the family I decided to change track and focus solely on helping responsible breeders create healthy, happy puppies.  I also work as the Dogs NZ (formally New Zealand Kennel Club) Canine Health & Welfare Veterinarian so I get to see dog breeding from many angles!

I get a lot of enquiries from people wanting to breed their dog, most of these from Dogs NZ registered breeders because of the services I provide.  No matter who contacts me, there are a few topics that must come up in conversation.   There is a dog overpopulation problem in NZ where thousands of unwanted dogs are euthanased each year, so it is irresponsible to breed a dog unless it is done with consideration and for a purpose.  I don’t go ahead with an artificial insemination unless I am satisfied it is for a good reason with healthy dogs.

No matter if your dog is purebred or crossbred, relevant health tests should be done before breeding.  This is not just a check over by a vet but should include any appropriate x-ray screening (hips, elbows, spine etc), DNA testing and/or anything else that is a breed specific condition with a test available.  All of this can be found on the Dogs NZ website ( 

Many people don’t realise, but a puppy is a ‘good’ under the Consumer Guarantees Act.  This means that if you produce a puppy which is not fit for purpose, for example, has an inherited disease so cannot live a normal healthy life, then you are liable to repair or replace the puppy.  There are also the potential costs to consider which includes the costs of breeding (blood tests, stud fee, artificial insemination) and then an ultrasound and/or x-ray to confirm pregnancy. Caesarean sections are required from time to time and can often be predicted depending on the risk factors of the bitch.  These can cost upwards of $1500.  Puppies then need to be fed, vaccinated and microchipped before going into their new homes. 

Just one success story is where we imported frozen semen from Denmark, endoscopic insemination of the thawed semen into a bitch here in Feilding, and then her successfully whelping 9 puppies with some now in active police work. 

If you are interested in dog breeding I strongly encourage you to become a Dogs NZ registered breeder where we have rules, regulations, and codes of ethics to provide breeder education, breeder and pedigree dog advocacy, and to protect the welfare of the dogs and their puppies. 

TCI Vets offers a diverse range of services alongside the Totally Vets team to include all genetic screening, breeding planning, artificial insemination using advanced trans-cervical endoscopic insemination, semen freezing, import and export from all over the world.


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