The value of pet insurance

A recent case reminded us of the value of insuring our pets from a young age.

Casey (not her real name) is a Golden Retriever puppy that we had been seeing for her puppy vaccination course and attending our puppy parties, and a lovely puppy she is.

Fortunately, the vet nurse had encouraged her owners to have her covered by Southern Cross “6-week FREE puppy cover”.

Unfortunately, Casey fell awkwardly from the couch at home a week after her first visit to us and injured her back leg. Her owners brought her to the clinic immediately and after an anaesthetic and radiographs (X-rays) a diagnosis of a broken tibia was made.

Bad luck for Casey - she would need four weeks strict cage rest at a time when she should be out exploring the world. She would also need a splint applied to the leg that had to be changed weekly and follow up radiographs four weeks down the track.

Casey is doing well now and, lucky for her, young dogs heal rapidly. Our four-week radiographs showed the fracture had healed well, and with a further two weeks of restricted movement she was all done.

This was a costly fall. The diagnosis, regular splint and dressing changes and follow up radiographs put the bill close to $2000. This was an unexpected expense and the insurance was invaluable for Casey’s owner to help her manage the financial burden that her treatment required.

If pet insurance is something you would like more information about please talk to our staff today or when you are next in the clinic.


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