Winter woes

As the weather grows cooler and the days grow shorter, many of us struggle to fit the ‘101 things to do’ into our busy day. Unfortunately, in many cases the proverbial ball that is dropped is the household dog.

This has an impact not only on our dog’s well-being but also on our own. The more intelligent and high energy your family pet, the harder it will be for them, and you, to happily survive the winter.

A lack of exercise and mental stimulation leads to a dog having pent-up energy and suffering from boredom and frustration, which will lead to hyperactivity, destructiveness, general naughtiness and an exaggeration of their individual breed traits or personalities. For example, dogs prone to anxiety will become more anxious, and ‘guarding’ breeds will guard more vigorously.

Here’s some tips to help you keep your sanity, your back lawn in one piece and your dog from barking the neighbourhood down.

Ideally good exercise uses both mental and physical muscles; enrol them in a reputable doggie day care, explore new areas on your walks or take them jogging beside your bike. Teach them fetch! This is great for mouthy and herding/gun dog breeds. Teach tricks, terriers love this. Provide your dog with their own sand pit and fill it with treats and chew toys, this will keep them out of your garden. Provide interactive toys and puzzles, a great way to engage their minds to problem solve and get to the food within.

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