Choosing the right puppy

The excitement of getting a new family member is like no other. But don’t let that set you up for failure! Time and time again we get people through the clinic that unfortunately have picked the wrong breed or personality of dog for them and their lifestyle.

Here are a few quick points for those who are considering getting a puppy.

Do your research – what breed are you thinking about getting? Don’t make the decision purely based on what the puppy looks like. All puppies are cute right? Research different breeds you’ve been considering and understand the characteristics and exercise requirements that go along with them. For example – a border collie requires more exercise than a pug (both mentally and physically).

Personality – when choosing a puppy, don’t go for the quiet timid puppy. This is often a characteristic that stays with them for life and can make it difficult for them in training and interacting with other dogs and people. In saying that, don’t go for the puppy that is all over you the whole time. You want to pick the puppy that comes up and greets you and wants to spend time with you, but also is happy to go off and do their own thing.

Meet the parents – where possible, at least meet the mother of the pups. She will be a good indication of how your puppy may turn out. If she is great with other people and dogs you are on the right track! That is where the puppy from the pet shop can be difficult – you have no history of the parents apart from their breed.

Be aware of possible health problems in your breed of choice – many of the potential issues can be tested for in the parents, so ask if this has been done.

Totally Vets Feilding’s Puppy Preschool is a great way to introduce your pup to other people and dogs, and our instructors will be able to help with any early behavioural issues that your pup might have. Contact the clinic to ensure your spot as these classes fill up fast!


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