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The grooming team are a passionate and experienced team who strive to ensure your pet's comfort and happiness while they are here and ensure they leave the salon looking their very best.

Totally Vets Grooming Team

Grooming services

Standard Groom

Give your dog the ultimate grooming experience with our standard package that includes:
  • wash and dry
  • nail clip
  • brush out
  • clip off (not styled)
  • scissor trim to tidy



Super Smooth Groom

Designed for your single-coated smooth dogs such as Dobermans, Whippets, Rottweilers, and Pugs that includes:

  • wash and dry
  • nail clip
  • brush out



Deluxe Groom

This includes everything in our standard package plus breed specific styles to your requirements for Poodles, Bichons, West Terriers, Schnauzers and the likes.

  • coat fully prepared before bathing
  • wash and blow dry
  • fluff dry
  • coat clipped and scissor to the style of your choice
  • nail trim
  • finish with our scented colognes



Mini Groom

Perfect for that in between grooms to maintain the coat of Bichons, Poodles, Westies, and the likes. This includes:

  • wash and dry
  • hair tidy around the eyes and hygiene areas
  • nail clip
  • brush out



Hand Strips Groom

Promotes a healthier skin and coat and is suited for your wired-hair breeds like Border Terriers and Cairn Terriers. This includes:

  • wash and dry
  • nail clip
  • hand strip and style
  • scissor trim feet to tidy
  • finish with our scented colognes



Double-Coated Groom

De-shedding of a double-coated dog helps to promote healthy skin and coat conditions and suits breeds such as Corgis, Golden Retrievers, Samoyeds, rough-coated Collies, etc. This includes:

  • blast out of coat
  • wash with de-shedding products and blow dry
  • brush out and removal of under coat
  • nail clip
  • scissor trim of furs
  • clip around hygiene areas
  • finish with our scented colognes



Price weight range guide

 Weight Range


Super Smooth



Hand Strips


1 – 10 kg
from $70
from $40
from $75
from $45

from $85


from $55
11 – 20 kg
from $75
from $45
from $80
from $55
from $75
21 – 30 kg
from $80
from $50
from $90
from $65
from $110
30+ kg
from $85
from $55
from $100
from $75
from $140

Above prices may vary depending on coat conditions and will need to be assessed on the day with the groomer.


Helpful hints

If your puppy has not been groomed before, we recommend that you bring him/her in repeatedly over a period of time and as soon as possible.  Each visit will help them to get used to the grooming process by introducing new things each time, such as the comb, bath, clippers etc.

Do not bath your dog at home before a groom.  This is because water causes the knots to tighten, making combing and clipping more difficult.  We don't mind dirty dogs - that's what we're here for! 

Bookings are essential, simply ring or see our friendly staff at the Feilding clinic 06 3236161.

Grooms are done at our Feilding branch, and require you to leave your pet with us for a portion of the day.

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