Book in your bulls

Reduce the risk of introducing sub-fertile bulls to your herd by using our fertility testing service!

Our testing provides assurance that your bull team is sound by collecting semen, for microscopic evaluation, via an artificial vagina while the bull mounts a teaser heifer/cow. Additionally, this allows visual assessment of the bull's penis in an erect state, his libido, ability to mount and scrotal measurement. We can also test for potentially devastating diseases such as Bovine Viral Diarrhoea, Enzootic Bovine Leucosis, Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis and Trichomonas.

All you need to provide are yards with good footing, strong rails to attach the teaser bale, a race, a quiet non-pregnant heifer/cow (of similar size to the bulls being tested), and two people to help. Time taken is variable but ranges from one to twenty bulls per hour. 

Ring your local clinic to book in or for further information about this vital service.

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