• Fishing competition results 2019

    Bright and early in the morning of Saturday 30th March, boats were in the water at Whanganui eager to get out to the fish. The conditions were as close to perfect as you could get. There were ... Read More
  • Vaccinations - are they necessary?

    Horses are the most susceptible animal to this disease, 300 times more susceptible than your dog! We have lots of information in this newsletter about wounds and one of the potential side effect... Read More
  • The importance of X-rays

    In recent years there have been great advances in the world of veterinary radiology (X-rays). As in the human world, many vet clinics have invested in digital radiography systems that have improve... Read More
  • Feeding your ewes in the autumn

    Well planned and managed feeding of ewes post weaning and in the period leading up to and around tupping is the first key step to successfully securing next seasons production.   On hi... Read More
  • Feeding dairy cows when it gets dry

    If we consider when we most often have to look at the implications of dry weather, it is in the months of January through to March (last year being an exception) so when thinking about how to mana... Read More
  • Feline AIDS

    Totally Vets Feilding has been involved with the Alley Cat Trust recently, which traps and de-sexes stray cats. All these cats are tested for the FIV and FeLV prior to surgery. In the last month w... Read More
  • Don't shave your double coated dog

    When shaving a double coated dog there is no guarantee the top guard hairs will grow back normally. The undercoat continues to grow, but for some dogs the guard hairs never do. These dogs are left... Read More
  • Cruciate injury

    That niggly hind-limb lameness might be a cruciate injury. Your dog has just finished playing in the park with all her friends and comes back to you with an on again, off again hind-limb lamenes... Read More
  • The role of trace elements and vitamins in calves

    Directly after their birth, many calves have a serious deficiency of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Milk feed alone often cannot provide sufficient nutrients.  Supplementary vitamin... Read More
  • What a difference a season makes

    The great weather of spring and early summer is now a memory as we adapt to farming in dry and then wet conditions. While many dairy farmers have great supplies of silage, we are seeing turnip c... Read More

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