• Annoying itch

    Getting to the bottom of that annoying itch… Skin conditions can be frustrating for everyone involved and once they have become chronic they can take a lot of unravelling to get to the un... Read More
  • Companion animal mobile service

    Bringing your pet into the clinic can be a very stressful experience for some pets and some pet owners. You may have multiple pets, mobility issues or just want the convenience of a vet visit to... Read More
  • The eyes have it

    We are proud to announce that Eyevet Services will be based out of the Feilding branch from the beginning of September. Eyevet Services is a referral ophthalmic service that provides facilities ... Read More
  • When should lamb drenching start?

    In most New Zealand farming systems, young lambs will require some level of drench input to remove internal parasites. There is variation between farms, districts and forage systems as to the &lsq... Read More
  • Replacement heifers

    Every spring we see groups of young heifers entering herds that are not quite where they need to be with respect to size, weight and body condition. We know the consequences of light heifers at ... Read More
  • ‘Crypto’ infection in calves

    Cryptosporidium in calves is caused by a parasite called Cryptosporidium parvum and is usually seen in calves less than six weeks old. Calves become infected by ingesting the oocytes (eggs) that... Read More
  • Walking dandruff?

    Walking dandruff (“cheyletiellosis”) in rabbits is caused by a common rabbit fur mite (Cheyletiella parasitovorax). They are nicknamed “walking dandruff” because these larg... Read More
  • That’s torn it

    Cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) disease is a common degenerative joint problem in dogs. It usually affects middle age and older dogs but is occasionally seen in dogs as young as two years old. ... Read More
  • Increasing reproductive performance

    Every year we are asked “How can I increase the reproductive performance of my herd?” We start by saying that every cow should be metrichecked and any infected cows treated - this ha... Read More
  • Drench resistance – state of the nation

    “Drench resistance a growing problem” – “Triple drench resistance an emerging issue – “Drench resistance a threat”: AgResearch These are a selection of ... Read More

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