• Age and benefits of de-sexing

    The appropriate age to de-sex your pet doesn’t have a black and white answer. For most pets, the traditional age of six months is likely to be appropriate. In some cases it may be better t... Read More
  • Tetanus in dogs

    Tetanus is – fortunately! – an uncommon problem in dogs. The bacteria which causes tetanus ( clostridium tetani ) can lie dormant in the soil for many years. It usually enters the bo... Read More
  • Wound wise

    Wounds are inevitable when keeping horses. Luckily they’re not all as bad. A lot of wounds can be treated by you, the horse owner. As vets we still regularly get called out to wounds that ... Read More
  • Fresh vs frozen

    Over the next few months, Totally Vets will be running a trial to test out the effect of a different type of AI straw on conception rates in autumn calving dairy cows.  Over recent years Ta... Read More
  • Rat bait poisoning

    Beware when you put out the rat bait to get rid of those pesky vermin. Most rat baits have a characteristic green dye, but dogs and cats have poor colour vision and may mistake it for a change of ... Read More
  • The value of pet insurance

    A recent case reminded us of the value of insuring our pets from a young age. Casey (not her real name) is a Golden Retriever puppy that we had been seeing for her puppy vaccination course and a... Read More
  • What the itch? Contact vs environmental allergy

    You might hear these terms bandied about, and to be honest it can be difficult to differentiate between them, especially if the itch is only intermittent. Contact allergy occurs in sensitised an... Read More
  • Winter woes

    As the weather grows cooler and the days grow shorter, many of us struggle to fit the ‘101 things to do’ into our busy day. Unfortunately, in many cases the proverbial ball that is dro... Read More
  • Life-stage wellness: diagnostics

    Why is laboratory testing important for my pet? Veterinarians depend on diagnostics to help them understand the status of your pet's health. When your pet is sick, the results of laboratory tes... Read More
  • Fishing competition results 2019

    Bright and early in the morning of Saturday 30th March, boats were in the water at Whanganui eager to get out to the fish. The conditions were as close to perfect as you could get. There were ... Read More

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